FundStar raises series A Funding

Friday, November 2nd 2018

FundStar, a fast-growing fund performance attribution software company in the real assets investment industry, announced today a series A investment by a technology growth equity investor. The financing will be used to fund FundStar’s continued expansion and for further investment in its performance management attribution technology platform.

“FundStar is developing a strong position in the large and fast-growing market for real assets performance attribution software,” said Ronald van Aerssen, Managing Director of FundStar. “What our team has developed over the last three years is quite impressive. We are excited to be working on creating the next steps in our future development of our software platform together with our launching customer Altera Vastgoed and other current and future customers”.

Founded in 2015 in the Netherlands, FundStar calculates, attributes and analyses financial performance of real assets companies and investment funds, helping these companies to increase performance control and interaction and to achieve better insight and reporting in the performance implications of ESG investments.

Using its innovative calculation and allocation algorithms, FundStar provides real asset companies and investment funds a powerful solution to achieve, in three easy steps, valuable insights and analytics, no matter how complex or how large the company, fund or portfolio. This is done by calculating and analysing the composition of operational and top level performance data and comparing these to strategic expectations of management boards, investors and other stakeholders.