Fully control your Real Estate Returns

FundStar creates a fundamental insight into real estate returns. From fund to assets and back!

Challenges Real Estate Investment Managers are facing

Capital raising
Convince investors of the market track record with concrete proof and improved in-depth control of performance management

Investor reporting
Investors demand more detailed fundamentals and background influences without any concessions to quality or ease of access

Internal benchmarking
Easily produce performance insights related to strategic objectives, internal and external

Scenario planning
Apply funds and portfolio stress testing in various practical and effective scenarios

Data quality
Generate, validate, visualise and consolidate data from multiple sources. Safeguard and improve the quality of your data

Internal performance analysis
Gain a crystal clear view of fund and portfolio developments, quick & easy

Efficient Hold/Sell and Investor Reporting Process

FundStar: operational in only one week!

Fully manage your real estate fund and portfolio by incorporating our four Building Blocks

Performance Reporting

  • Visually enhanced performance analysis
  • Analysis and reporting on historic returns and on (strategic) forecasting
  • High-quality data with multiple export options for all internal and external reporting

On Demand

  • Investors can log in directly with ID and credentials
  • Investors have dynamic access to segments of performance
  • Manager determines: you control what investors can see

Internal Benchmarking

  • Compare actuals and historic returns with your (strategic) expectations
  • Compare actual budgets and historic forecasts to pinpoint expectations
  • Understand (internal) and explain (external) all under- and outperforming elements in more detail

Attribution Analysis

  • We cracked the code for financial return attribution analysis
  • Drilldown option from Fund to Portfolio to Assets to Accounts
  • Take control and apply your own set of rules and level of detail

Start in just one week!

FundStar Live Demo

  • full scope algorithm
  • all charts fully available
  • Hold/Sell analysis, workflow & pipelines

FundStar Light

  • full scope algorithm
  • all charts fully available
  • Hold/Sell analysis, workflow & pipelines
  • one to three months login with up to 5 users
  • up to 20 assets
  • implementation/training time: less than 8 hours

FundStar Full

1500monthly (as from)
  • full scope algorithm
  • all charts fully available
  • Hold/Sell analysis, workflow & pipelines
  • unlimited number of login / users
  • unlimited assets / portfolios / funds
  • investor login (optional)
  • full integration with your other systems
  • complete fit to your processes

Client Cases

Real Estate Investment Management: Altera

Cyril van den Hoogen – CFO: “FundStar really connects. We are now more in control on the origins of our portfolio performance. Due to the insights FundStar delivers, interaction on performance outcomes has become easy and effective.”

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