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Compare KPI actuals and forecasts to initial long term investment proposals and fund projections

Drill down KPI’s from fund to portfolio to assets and from region to type to accounts and many other dimensions

Highly effective and easy to use by all stakeholders without any training

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Performance Measurement

  • CFO, Finance Director, Manager FP&A, Business Controller, Researcher
  • Fund and Portfolio performance projection (modeling), Investment proposals (finance due diligence, return calculations), Fund, Portfolio and Asset performance measurement, benchmarking and reporting
  • Data-visualisation, Theoretical Physics and Mathematical Science
  • Schroders (Aareal Asset Management), Rabobank, Bouwfonds Investment Management, University of Utrecht
  • Europe, US

Finance and Control

  • CFO, Finance Director, Project & Business Controller, Accountant
  • Management of finance teams, planning & control cycle, budgeting, forecasting, financial statements, tax, treasury, risk management and IT
  • Schroders, Aareal Asset Management, Rabobank, Bouwfonds Investment Management, ABN Amro Bouwfonds
  • Europe, US

IT and Implementation

  • Director, Sr. Consultant, Project Manager & Director, BU Manager
  • Project Management and business change of medium and large IT projects, development of real estate performance measurement software
  • Corio, Ahold Real Estate, Bouwfonds Investment Management, MN Services, Amvest, Remit, Reasult
  • Europe

Challenges in the Investment Management industry

From a strategic performance management point of view

” CFO and CIO’s: are you really on top of your returns and especially in comparison to your (initial) long-term projections “

Traditionally investment managers focus on asset and portfolio level returns and benchmarking these returns to an index such as IPD and INREV. This however is not the return for investors on fund level. Investors and management boards of investment managers are increasingly asking for analysis of returns and risk starting at investors and fund level. Returns should be analysed taking into account all of its contributing components from fund to portfolio to asset level and benchmarked to its (initial) long term expectations.

” Increasing demand for better Control and Transparency “

After the economic and financial crisis the urge for better Control and Transparency has grown significantly. Regulators and society set high demands for (institutional) investors and investment managers. A clear strategy, regular performance planning & control cycle as well as communicating reliable outcomes to all stakeholders involved are crucial. Real asset users, investors, board and MT, fund and asset managers are key examples in this context.

” Cut OPEX by standardizing business activities and processes “

Investors and investment managers are forced to cut operational expenses to maintain or increase financial performance in their investment portfolios and fund companies. Standardizing business processes is necessary to achieve this. In the performance planning & control cycle, uniform key performance metrics, industry standards and uniform calculation techniques are key examples of such standardization.

” Information technology shift from asset to fund management level “

Current IT systems are significantly focused on operational property and asset management activities such as rental contract and maintenance management, annual budgeting and forecasting and valuation of assets and portfolio’s. In order to support the increasing demand for strategic performance management, IT systems should offer insights in long term strategy and performance realization compared to initial fund strategies.


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